Social Mission and Vision

HEYCOINS commits to reinvest more than 65% of our profits into business matters that will do social good. We strongly encourage the general public to deposit their unwanted or stored coins into charitable donations using our kiosks. In addition, we provide cash management support services to charities/NGOs for their fundraising campaigns, which will greatly improve the efficiency and lower the operational cost of doing that. Eventually, HEYCOINS aims to boom the incentive and motivation for doing charitable donations among the general public in an innovative way.


Social Impact

HEYCOINS aims to increase charitable donations from the public, and improving charities’ efficiency in fundraising.


People stepping forward to affect social change

Creating sustainable social businesses that deliver high value social and environmental impact is hard. Social enterprises and charities need financial support to develop their own mission. HEYCOINS offers a powerful fund raising platform to support our partners to create social change.